Moe Distributors has a long and rich history, servicing industry professionals and homeowners. Despite some changes and renovations over the years, the store is proud to retain its small-business atmosphere and the ability to give individual and undivided, expert attention to each of our customers.


Moe Distributors celebrated its grand opening in June of 1965 under the ownership of Moe Kessler (pictured at right with his wife Serena). Then, the small building where the store still stands today simply housed a modest office with a client window where Moe sold hardware and building materials to industry professionals and homeowners—which he continued to do for nearly 20 years.

In 1983, now in his 80s, Moe decided to retire and sell the store. Hearing that the store was for sale, current owners, Jeff Doremus and Art Thompson decided to each take a week’s vacation from their jobs at the time and work for Moe to see what the store was like and if they were interested in buying. Needless to say, they thought the store was great and purchased the business from Moe in September of that year.


The first major change that Jeff and Art made at the store was to open the small office and remove the customer window—thus creating the first stage of the present-day Moe Distributors “showroom.”

Within five years the two had expanded the store adding, first, a decorative hardware showroom, and soon after a cabinet hardware room—creating an approx. 1500 square-foot showroom space.

In 2005 Moe Distributors underwent its most dramatic renovation ever, doubling the size of its showroom, which now included full bathroom displays and hundreds of sinks, faucets, toilets, and decorative hardware pieces for clients to browse.


Today the store is a mature, modern version of its original self, frequented by construction professionals, homeowners, interior designers and architects from all over the tri-state area. All are serviced by the store’s full-time staff members. But Jeff and Art have never lost their passion for the family store they bought so many years ago. Among the full-time staff, you’ll find Jeff’s brother-in-law Gary Boralsky, his wife Michele, son Phillip—and the family and friends joining the team grows all the time.

The entire team looks forward to serving clients for many more years to come!